Terms and conditions

Customer/User Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our website - Paradisi.ge (hereinafter "website" or Paradisi.ge). The rules of using the website are defined by the terms and conditions of this service. In case of use of the website (including purchase of the product), as a prerequisite, it is required that you get acquainted with these rules and agree with them. Website management and support are provided by "City Sport" Ltd, which is registered and acts in accordance with Georgian legislation, legal address - Georgia, Tbilisi, 19 Tsabadze street, I/C (Identification Code) 202331930.

For other legal information, you can get acquainted with the privacy policy posted on the website, which is an integral part of the terms and conditions of the use of this website. The provisions of Paradisi.ge or part of it may be subject to certain amendments or renewal. Each change or/and amendment will be posted/reflected on the web page and will be mandatory from the moment of its publication. After that, each form of webpage use, including the purchase of products, requires from you getting acquainted with the changes in force and expressing consent on them. Please do not use the website if you do not fully agree to the terms and conditions of Paradisi.ge and its privacy policy. Terms and Conditions of use of Paradisi.ge are regulated by Georgian legislation.

Your account and profile

Authorization for the website Paradisi.ge through your account and its use of services is not permitted for any other physical or legal entity. You are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. If you have an unauthorized person on the webpage using the services through your account of Paradisi.ge, we will rely on the Paradisi.ge account information and assume that you are logged into the website.

You are solely responsible for each and every entry to the website or service usage that is made by other people using your paradisi.ge account.

For security reasons, please let us know immediately if you know that your Paradisi.ge account is used without your permission.

You are responsible if the contact information and data you use are incorrect or false, or relate to third parties without their consent (if such third parties have not given their consent), and in case of abuse of such information.


After registration Paradisi.ge users are automatically subject to subordination to the Georgian legislation.

Purchase of products

Paradisi.ge is an online shop that allows customers to buy and receive products (hereinafter "product" or "item") through a webpage. Along with online shop of Paradisi.ge, there are real shops where customers can buy products of Paradisi.ge electronic store. The store is the same both for Paradisi.ge website and the real shop. Therefore trade takes place in a competitive environment. When you choose the product to be in your consumer basket, before the purchase operation is fulfilled, there is a risk that another customer registered on the website or a customer that comes directly to the shop will buy the same product ahead of you.

Paradisi.ge does not take responsibility for the fact that you, as a website user, were unable to purchase the desired product, even if this product was on website Paradisi.ge or if you had it reserved in your electronic basket, before the purchase was actually fulfilled and the payment was done.

If the website refuses to make the transaction and provides you with the information that the product you have chosen is no longer available, you agree to accept this information in accordance with the existing agreement.


Available payment methods

The payment on Paradisi.ge is made by any card of Visa and Mastercard.

How to buy products on the website

In order to buy a product from the website, the customer is required to register on the website.

After registration, select the desired products and follow the instructions for purchase.

During the payment, you need to specify your personal data, address and card data. Once you make the order, the value of the item will be blocked on the card automatically, and after confirmation of the order, about which Paradisi.ge will send you an e-mail, and the amount will be deducted from your account.

If the amount was blocked on your account, but the item was not available for the reason that other online shoppers or real shop customers bought the product before you completed the online purchase procedure, Paradisi.ge will unblock the blocked amount and it will be reflected on the user bank account.

Delivery of products

Delivery area

The courier will deliver the product purchased online at the address indicated during the purchase. The products are delivered on the territory of Georgia, in the cities and villages listed in our delivery rates list.